Best Efforts and Unreliable Forecasts

Some years ago, a friend decided to document the forecasted temperature for a particular day for the two weeks leading up to it. Over that period of time, the forecast covered a 20 degree range. What he revelled in telling was that, when the day came, the actual temperature was outside that 20 degree range.

Kind of like weather forecasts that shift and weather patterns that catch us by surprise, establishing what the next weeks and months might hold here at St. Aidan is not something we can do with confidence. However, here's an update of what has been taking place and an invitation.

How we are preparing:
- We’ve ordered equipment to livestream from the nave to allow for ongoing online options. Some pieces have arrived, the rest is expected next week.
- We're sorting out other technical details required to stream services from the nave (e.g., a stable internet connection in there).
- The task force has been working on best practices for our space based on what the Bishop and Diocesan Council have put in place. Some of the physical preparation has started.
- Our executive will decide specific dates and processes for small in-person services once all guidelines are met. That group plans to meet next on July 16. 

What we invite:
- Prayer for: 
     - perseverance for all in a time of trial - that we may truly hope in Jesus 
     - wisdom for those making decisions
     - rest and renewal for those taking time off this summer
     - comfort and peace for those struggling with health issues and for those whose family members have died
     - work for those who need it
- Connection within the congregation through technology and in-person as is appropriate. We need one another, so be creative!
- Participation in ministries like weekend lunches (preparation, distribution, baking, boiling eggs, etc. - contact me to arrange), mask making, reading and interceding in Sunday services, Zoom service tech, sound and tech support for livestream services from the nave once they start, etc.

I’ve felt and heard others express growing fatigue (not criticism) with Zoom worship services. The steps above have been taken in hopes of broadening the options in the weeks/months to come. However, like my friend's forecast tracking experience, it may be that our preparations don't line up with reality when the time comes. 

In the meantime, we'll carry on with Morning Prayer services with gratitude for Zoom. This week, Deacon Arleen, Jared and a few others are leading us in worship. You can watch at 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning on St. Aidan's YouTube channel. The bulletin can be found here.

God's peace,

July 10, 2020 | St. Aidan Office

We acknowledge that Jesus, the Lord of all, has called His Church to be a Church of all nations. With joy and in humility we gather on Treaty 4 Territory, the traditional lands of the Cree, Ojibwe, Saulteaux, Dakota, Lakota, Nakoda, and the homeland of the Métis Nation.