Lent: Preparing for the Feast

Lent is not intended to be an ominous thing. That is, Lent is not primarily about fasting and self-denial. Yes, it includes that, but the purpose of Lent—coming from the word “to lengthen” as in "the days are lengthening”—is to prepare us for the Feast! The ultimate Feast we are preparing for is the Marriage Feast of the Lamb and the annual Easter Feast is a way of practicing in advance for that Resurrection party. One of the things you don’t do when you get ready for a feast is eat beforehand. There are, however, good things to do to prepare for a feast, and Lent is our annual invitation to spend a “tithe” of the year to engage some of those things to prepare ourselves.

If you are looking for some ideas, the posted file with a few resource suggestions might help with the preparation.

~Fr. Dean


February 28, 2022 | St. Aidan Office

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