Luke (aka, "LJ") has invested much at St. Aidan. He has been webmaster for several years and from 2012-2020 he served as Youth Minister. While his formal ministry to the younger members of our parish has ended, he continues to care deeply and provide insight into the care of children and youth. He loves to welcome young people and young adults into church life, and to help them to reimagine their lives in light of Jesus' resurrection.

Luke is a firm believer in "keychain leadership" -- recognizing the keys you hold in order to put them into upcoming leaders' hands -- and is constantly on the lookout for ways to invite people into leadership as a means of helping especially young adults to grow deep roots in church life.

Luke has a BA Biblical Studies and an MA Theological Studies: Old Testament, and is always up for a good chat about ecclesiology, digital adaptation, Norse mythology, The Office, and why learning Hebrew should probably be one of your life goals.

Together with his wife Jenn and little Rowan and Molly, Luke loves to escape to a lake with a couple of kayaks -- even though there's no wifi there.

Luke also heads up "GetLiturgized", a growing online resource for "liturgically-geared, scripturally-grounded" youth ministry. If you are working with young people in your parish, Luke would love to connect with you.

You can find Luke online on Twitter, Facebook,, and